Masayoshi Tanimura (Yakuza 4)

Hey guys!

I was wondering if someone can rip this model from the game Yakuza 4?

Here’s some pictures of him.!Masayoshi_Tanimura_with_Gun.jpg

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d also like to have the other protagonists from this game.

Thanks to anyone who does this.

Edit: Please make these models for Garry’s Mod.

Is the Yakuza games even possible to be ripped from not to many people have had luck at all ripping Ps3 games

Are there any chances or simplicity of getting the models ripped from a downloaded copy of the game from the PSN store instead of using a blu-ray disk?

It’s the fact it’s on PS3 that’s the problem, unfortunately, not how it’s brought.

To put it bluntly PS3 data encoding is literally rocket science so porting from ps3 is almost impossible.

No i highly disagree with you.
you see reverse engenering can get you ANYTHING from a software or games or programs so it can get you 3d models too.