Masking IPS for servers

Hello, I’m new to server and networking things, but wanted to make a gmod server. The problem is that I will be running it from home and don’t want my home Internet ip to be out there. Is there any way to mask the ip or simply get a different ip for my server.

If there is already a forum for this could someone redirect me to it?


You can’t hide your IP because people need it to be able to connect to your server, and send data to the server etc.

However if you have a dynamic IP and you want to run a server you can use this…

Also you should probably check out, (Help and Support forum.)

You cannot simply hide your IP, but some ISP allow you to “order” additional -static- IPs, wich you can use, yet even if they DDoS that IP or such, your whole network still will be attacked, my suggestion: rent a server, way more secure.

Well you can kinda of hide your ip. You would have to place it behind a tunnel. But you would not be able to do such with a home connection. The only other way is thru a VPN, but then you would have to have a VPN that allows that or host your own.

Use a VPN. Will result in higher pings but will accomplish what you want. @andreblue server/vps/dedi hosts exist for you to run servers, I sincerely doubt anyone will care if you tunnel from your home network.

Virtual servers dedicated to being VPN servers are pretty cheap. But if you’re gonna pay for anything may as well just drop an extra $5 on a tougher VPS and host SrcDS on that.

Some places just sell tunnels. is one such service.
Generally hositng off of ones home connection is still disallowed by most ISPs less you have an acc that allows it.

Yes you can tunnel the server’s network over a VPN and thus be given a new access IP, but it will hardly matter as if you’re DDoS’ed then it will go through the VPN too and hit you as it would’ve done anyways.
You can contact your ISP if they’re able to enable a dynamic IP for you rather than a static one, means that you could change IP after pressing a few buttons in your routers interface (IP changes on router restart)

Valid point, apologies. A counter to that is that if/by the time the server grows to a large enough population for his ISP to notice what he’s doing he’d probably be looking into more viable hosting solutions.

If you dont have $5 for a cheapo vps then dont even bother hosting a server.

not everyone can afford money(specially if they’re underaged, like 13-16), I mean I’m 16 myself, and pay ~8-9€ for a ‘good’ 800Gbps DDos protected VPS tunneled through voxility, (wich is utter shit, cus Germany -> US(Voxility) -> Germany aka higher loss), but its Linux, a windows VPS would cost atleast 20€ there, most providers I saw put windows on a higher price. Why do I put here the OS? Because not everyone is familiar with Linux/Command-Line working, hell, some cant even setup a Windows server. They are just used to gameserver providers.

All you need is one cent!

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Try changing MAC address of your router and see if your IP changes. I have Charter for instance, and have changed my IP countless times by changing MAC address :P.

Maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t be hosting anything if you have no idea what you are doing or lack the resources to do so. What is the point anyway, if you have such lack of resources and knowledge, you’re not bringing anything new to the table, just play on a listen server with your inner friend circle (absolutely trivial since robatboy added p2p to listen servers) or join another public server.

As a side note, I almost choked laughing from this statement:

Do you even know what a license is? Windows is not free, much less Windows SERVER…