Maskless Metropolice NPCs


Some information:

Hello everyone! Well while looking through for maskless cop NPCs, I found nothing. But I did find models for them.
I needed some NPCs so I created a spawnlist for it.

Why are they shiny/checkered?:

I am not sure. They aren’t my models ( if you noticed below ) … But it is kind of like on TnB I guess.

Downloads -


Me - Converting it to a spawnlist

Purvisdavid2 - The models


Too shiny.

They aren’t my models… So Ask the guy in the credits.

You should make a combine one! (inspired by “helmetless combine”)

where can i get that rebel model/skin? i have been looking everywhere, but to no avail; but i constantly find screenshots waved around in front of me all over the internet that involves hl2. each picture i see has a slight variation though, such as the red armband on yours. is this skin private? if not can you give me a download link to them?