Maskless Spy in Garry's Mod

Would it be possible to get Rebbacus’ maskless spy model for Garry’s Mod? Right now it’s only available for SFM, and I’d rather like to use it in gmod. (SFM doesn’t work on my computer - video card’s not good enough.)

The download link is here if you’d like to do this. It would make me (and probably at least a few other people) quite happy. Thank you in advance!

This can’t really be done properly unless the source is released and IIRC it’s not going to be.

You could always, well, lie to get Rebbacus to release the source…

Why wouldn’t Rebbacus release the source? Won’t the MaxOfS2D link I gave you do?


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Rebbacus doesn’t want it to be decompiled, it’s as simple as that.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about modeling, could you give me a brief explanation?