i dont get it

Spy is drawing a larger spy mask.

Context should’ve been more clearer imho

What do you mean a larger spy mask?

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Oh wait i think i understand, the heavy in the second slide looks gigantic (thought he was close to the camera at first). I would’ve made the heavy blue though to make the connection that the blue spy and the heavy are on the same team or something.

Well, two-panel jokes are never easy to pull off, but for what it’s worth, I got it and got a good laugh out of it. It probably would’ve benefited from a wider angle in panel 1 and showing a bit of the mask drawn already.

That wouldn’t work at all since Spies usually disguise as the opposite team.

Yea, i think this really should’ve been laid out better in first panel.

I like the idea, but the perspective screws with me. In the first pic it looks like the Spy is just tiny, and the second pic it looks like the Heavy is just close to the camera.

I think you could have added two frames to give the comic 100% clarity. First, a wide shot of the spy with the pencil that shows more of the room, to establish that the spy isn’t tiny like I had originally assumed.

Second frame to add would be one of the completed mask just to make sure the joke comes across. At the very least one or the other, I was confused because I didn’t understand what the spy was drawing, and because I assumed it was a tiny spy with a normal sized pencil.

Okay, I don’t know if I fixed it.

I removed the Spy’s shadow because I’m bad at perspective.

I also attempted to create what artists are supposed to start off by drawing a face, but I’m bad at keeping lines fluid.

I’ll probably add in a new frame showing the completed project, but I’m lazy as fuck.

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Okay, I added in another frame.

I’m fucking sorry for being too damn lazy.

Looks much better now. Getting back into comics isn’t always the easiest task.

The Rating Wars in the OP just add to the entertainment of the comic. Can the Optimistic underdog resist the foursome army of the Funny? Will the two Winners defeat the lonesome Dumb? Will the solitary ratings team up against their higher-numbered brethren? Check back next time to find out!

The new frame makes this so much better.
Good on you for adding onto it.

I would rate myself to join in on this, but I don’t want to be a loser.