Mass Appeal (Gmod Music Video)

My Garry’s Mod music video for the song Gang Starr - Mass Appeal.

Please reply and post your comment here, took me some time to make.

Seeing the combine soldier rock his head in unison just makes me smile

This song is on a Tony Hawk game, i believe. Don’t remember which one.

Bit too much camera shake.

It’s a Combine Prison Guard, not a Combine Soldier. Prison Guard is my favourite Combine :smiley:


[sp]For all people that hate Halo because it’s just one big ripoff, this contains Master Chief getting his ass kicked by a crashing police car, so yeah.[/sp]

Bumping because I’m another no-life idiot that is always because he wants to get a lot of replies, not mattering if they are negative or positive. So there. Makes sense.

I’m sorry, I thought this was a music video. I don’t hear any music, just some annoying garbage in the background…

Wow, nobody got respect for classic hiphop these days :S