Mass Effect 1 - Huge Krogan pack (including Wrex!)





for fixing the helmet textures.





Simply place into your addons folder.

Please report any bugs

I’ve been working on this for 3 days nonstop, I think I’ll go play some Sins of a solar empire now.

Awesome work!

You sir, are making my day better and better.

You’re going to get enormous credit once the project is done.

Btw, are you interested in becoming an official member of the MERP Dev team?

They’re like models made of pure amazing. I thank you.

Damn Haxxer you are one sexy mother fucker.

Uh what, maybe?

I’m current the leading a Project, MERP (Mass Effect Roleplay), and we’re heavily in need of some good playermodels, weapon models, and general props from Mass Effect 2.

Looking at all your work, we could definitely use someone like you.

My guess is its some Mass Effect RP gamemode that will die in less then a year.

Actually, no, we’ve got enough resources and are allready gathering a big playerbase.

Let’s stay on-topic though Kevin, this topic is about the Krogan Models, not the MERP project.

Playermodels require me to rig these models to the valve biped

Which is a no-go

Besides, do you have any work done? Do you have a concrete plan what you want in the gamemode?

It’s far from done yet, but we’ve got 2 scripters working on the gamemode, 3 mappers making the map, a guy working on the weapons, and some other people doing misc. stuff.


sry do u mind if i made these to npc’s?

Viper try to not quote the whole OP - NPC could be made under the same pretext as playermodels
If someone either regigged them to the valve biped or made all the valve animations for them.

By all means, go ahead

??? i did not understand anything u just told me…but i now remember im unable to make npc’s cause the studio model compiler needs ep1 or orange box wich i dont have :frowning:


well u got my dl they look very good!

Unless you can show me some work, I’m not joining, sorry.

I understand.

Once we’ve got some stuff done, I’ll come back to you and show some.

Keep up the good work mate.

well could u inform when your project is done im a big fan of the ME series so please tell me when its launched :slight_smile:

Of course, once we’ve got some more stuff we’ll make an FP thread as well, don’t worry.

Now please people, stop talking about that stuff here, and talk about the uber-sexy models Haxxer created.

Just PM me if you want to know more or something.


Also, funniest release post I’ve ever read.