Mass Effect 2: Blue Suns Turians

Blue Suns Turians(and a gasbag)

Basically some blue suns turians from Mass Effect 2, they have faceposing and eyeposing, set up by yours truly, and bodygroups for the helmets and headgear. Also included is a gasbag from Mass Effect 1. Enjoy!
Remember to untick axis restriction on fingerposing!
Download Link:




Credits to:
Bioware for the SOMEWHAT good work on Mass Effect 2
Me, for porting the model over, giving it faceposing, and eyeposing
Chilean Wolf/Haxxer for the eye texture
Afewostritches, Lonefirewarrior and Xanatoast for test posing.

also workshop links

moist gasbags


oh god, why did you actually use my image?

it was great

ww2 turians :v: ?

World War Tworians

see what i did?

These turians, man. These turians.

Pretty cool, glad to add them to the collection. But just out of curiosity, why are there two of them? The second one seems to make the first one redundant.

Thanks for the release!

eh, the 2nd one is supposed to have the hood thing on constantly