Mass Effect 2 Characters

'Nuff said.

2/25/10: Added LOKI Mech

Ported by Lazermaniac.
Rigged and compiled by Slash559.
Additional Texture work by Ilwrath/Nirrti

You must own Mass Effect 2 to use this.
All characters are property of Bioware.

More to come folks.

Awwww Shiiit, So many people will are gonna rage… Here comes the 34…

make a Shepard with Death Mask. then i’ll love this completely.
don’t forget miranda.

I approve.

nice work

Oh cool! Nice ports, I approve as well

This is not meant as hijacking, but I started working on the materials and played around with the phong settings. Visor is still untouched.

I approve!

Must… Spawn… Ragdoll Legion…

you sirs, have my Epic Approval.

Looking good.

Miranda, please :wink:

Wow, You totally just released the two people I was hoping for the most…

I could… Hug you…


Good work man!! It is possible that you do more model of mass effect 2?

You have made this day better. Excellent work, dude.

All we need now is Wrex, Joker, and Thale.


I just noticed how unusually wide Tali’s hips look in that.
I thought her hips were less wide.