Mass Effect 2 - Elcor(s)

Anticipation: Content:

Friendly: Credit to Floater-Two for his (yet again) awesome job with the tint maps.

Pride: Download:

Alt. Download:

Irritated: seems slow today.

With gratitude: This will be useful.

I see no download link.

What is this tomfoolery!? - It’s like old people; when it’s up, it’s slow. When it’s down, it takes ages to get up.

Updated the OP with an alternative download link.

*With satisfaction: *I’m glad you like the tints.

With anticipation: I can’t wait to see how easy it is to pose these.

With confusion: It was up when I downloaded it. What is going on with

Happy; Well done sir.

Elated: I am joyous for this release.


(On a side note I really need to set some time aside to test all these ME models. I’ve got a massive backlog now in my downloads folder, from spending too much time ragdolling/coding instead of actually playing the game @.@)


With great enthusiasm: You should make giant aviators for the Elcor.

Ecstatic: Now I can finally finish those sex poses. Appreciative: Thank you.

Appreciative: This will be useful. Thank you.

Delighted: Awesome. Good model. Cannot wait to pose.

Already having fun with this.

Happy: I very glad that’ve relesed it!

What the hell

Finger posing is pretty bad, but otherwise the model is good.


How is it bad? Criticism is appreciated.

Friendly, salvaged ragdoll, mostly legitamant.

Why did the second picture remind me of the loony toons cartoon with the giant snow dude who wanted to keep Bugs Bunny as a pet?