Mass effect 2 Grenade Launcher, Renegade male Shepard,Death mask and Revenant assult rifle

Grenade launcher

Death mask

Renegade shepard

What the hell happend to sheppy?

The side affect of being an asshole

That and cybernetic implants and whatnot, cause if its just a side affect of being an asshole, (just about) everyone in the world would be looking like this by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Revenant and Grenade launcher have been ported, they’re in this pack:

Absolutely HUGE pack full of shit that isn’t what you want but those and the other ME2 guns are in there, i’d extract them and upload them seperately but it’s 4am and i’m about to go to bed.

There’s a shepard model already ported but the death mask isn’t included as a helmet (i think it was deliberately left out becuase it was the worst helmet), And he’s not got renegade scars.