Mass Effect 2 - Kasumi Goto

Thanks to Rastafan for the screenshot!

Two skins (loyalty and normal armor) and body-grouped rebreather


Who is that?

Nice work!

Mmmm, someone make the lower half nekid.

Nekkidness would look good on a body like this.

The main problem would be the textures, I’m afraid. The darkness under her hood is in fact ON the facemap, so unless someone would be willing to reskin her I don’t really see it happening.

Haha, she’s got a soul patch.

Mmmmm, oh eh 514mb? Never seen that before.


So shes a Qurian?

No, she’s not a Quarian, she’s a human.

what gave you that idea

she’s a human woman in a hood

Awesome release. Kasumi is one of my favorite characters. I often swap between her and Garrus (and always have Grunt in my squad).

The clothes do look awfully Quarian. If she put on a facemask, it would be hard to tell.


Ou Very cool but Face hmmm Scarry=)


I like this, whats next on the list haxxer?

I don’t know. I thought of Jack. Any other ideas?