Mass effect 2 Miranda alternate outfit?

Has anybody converted that to GMoD yet? If so can you give me a link for it?.. Thanks a bunch. Heres a picture of what im talking about. THanks… abunch

Somebody is in the midst of doing it, I think right now. Though I’m not totally sure about that.

How about the DLC outfit then? wink wink

Theres a lot of stuff probably already on its way actually, check out the Mass Effect megathread.

Also, if you want the Loyalty outfit… it’s pretty simple really. If you know how to hex edit and have the skin already that is. I’m sure theres one laying around somewhere… could check XNALara’s site.

I thought the miranda someone ported had a skingroup for this outfit, obviously not.

I’ve got the textures so i’ll hex a version of her using this later if i can find the release thread.