Mass Effect 2 Miscellaneous furniture/props


I know, maybe not so many models, but people wanted them, so have fun.

Awesome, got my download

I love it, thanks for the share bro!

Nice ^^

If anyone’s interested here’s a few extra props (coffee machine, datapad among others) from ME2 as well. Dropped a line with Haxxer and he said to post them up as well here.

Nice :smiley:

Now im waiting for a little Kasumi’s royalty mission map 8D

Yea theres some good stuff in that map :smiley: (a large head for one thing :P)

I have got the krogan statue from ME1 somewhere…

^^ That DA:O statue would be nice to have too.

Haxxer you are a man of many miracles. you too Silver Spirit

awesome work keep up porting from mass effect :slight_smile:

Amazing models, good work.

Great, will pose. :slight_smile:


Was thinking about mapping with Mass effect as reference, with these out I might want to reconsider it again.

Thanks for the models!

Very nice! Any chance of the Illusive man’s chair?

now all we need now is a map of the normandy

I found it and thought of it. Maybe in a prop pack later in the future.

Wish I could dl this, because their awesome …but haven’t been able to dl anything for a while :C

Thanks a lot for these, I can use this for my MERP project.

You’ll be listen in the Credits of course, no worries.