Mass Effect 2 models request - fixing, updating and etc.

Hello everyone!
I have a request for you!

  1. ( this models will be much better with fixed fingerposing, faceposing and improved physics )
  2. ( I have pig problems with posing it, I think it’s because her head physics; the armored version don’t have her visor )
    Just a request, not mandatory, even more simple wish:
  • If anyone can do , please , create a map in Mass Effect Style or just futuristic ( big as gm_flatgrass or gm_construct ) , but without using old and ugly ( in my opinion ) textures and models from HALF-LIFE2 ( much better LEFT 4 DEAD 1/2, PORTAL 2 or custom )

I’m very sad , because you not telling me anything …

Ask Bloocobalt, Taggart or Seraphim about it.

Okay! I hope they will accept my request…

I sent it to them, but they didn’t answered…:suicide: