Mass Effect 2 Player Models

Here are the Mass Effect 2 CS:S models from S-Low’s site made into playermodels and NPCs with spawn images for the NPCs also. These models are not exactly the same as the orginals as I had to fix some of the bodygroups and skins to recompile them successfully but they work exactly the same and even better in some cases (as they are now configured to use in GMod instead of CS:S). Also included are some props made from some of the bodygroups of the models which should be useful for posing and the like ^^

Mass Effect Player Models: V1

Grunt: 2 Skins, Helmet in bodygroup, Helmet prop.
Hanar: No extra.
Jack: 4 Skins, Alt Costume in bodygroup, Mask/Visor/Earphone in bodygroups, Mask/Visor props, Earphone effect.
Mordin: 2 Skins, Mask/Neck thing props.
Illusive Man: 4 Skins.
Geth: Remove eye glint with bodygroup.
Collector: 2 Skins, Shield/Wings(move/static)/Glow/Plasma in bodygroups, Shield prop.
LOKI Mech: Many Skins(Normal/Camo/Carbon/Different light colours)/All limbs can be removed with bodygroups, All limbs as props with all skins.
Inferno Armour: 3 skins for helmet visor and the visor can be removed with bodygroup tool, same with prop helmet.

Bodygroup Changer STool (to change bodygroups and skins but can be done alternately with console commands.)
Legal copy of Mass Effect 2[/release]

BioWare - Models/Textures, S-Low - Porting/Materials, Silver Spirit - Playermodel/NPC/cs_fix_f.mdl/NPC Spawn Images/Props/Bodygroups


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Alternate Download
Mass Effect 2 Player Models
Inferno Armour

Hell yeah! Only one problem: I can’t download it because it says it’s being mirrored. Got an alternate link?

Put an alternate download up, as when I tried to download it I got that aswell :S

Alright, it works now. Thanks for the alternate link. That Geth would make a wonderful Elite replacement…

You should make a version of this that has the other S-low models of Mass Effect.

I think there’s Husks and Shepard.

Somewhere else is Garrus, Tali, and Legion in some pack, but they’re only playermodels :o.

Jason278 already did the Shepard and Husk models as playermodels at my request a while back and I did a converter addon to use the Garrus, Tali and Legion models as NPCs when I found them yesterday ^^

Hell yeah! I want to be the Illusive Man :sun:

Good release. Would be great if someone would do Miranda.

Good work on the Hanar.

This is really great, I love that someone is still working on ME models for Gmod. Keep them coming!

1- Are these only npcs or also ragdolls?
2- Miranda(And Sexy Miranda)? o.O

  1. All NPCs are also ragdolls (if they have a model) but these ones definately are.

  2. I didn’t port them I only made them into playermodels/NPCs (Though I wish I could figure out why I can’t get playermodels i’ve rigged to work so I could port more myself ;( ).

Silver Spirit, will you make or can you make DLC playermodels too?


Nope, not unless they are ported by someone else for CS:S like these were…

I see. Thank you.
I was just asking, because i would like the idea of playing as Kasumi Goto :slight_smile:

Inferno Armour Released OP updated :smiley:

Nice little update. We need more sci-fi models like this.

Is the Inferno armour a female player? Because the screenshots make it look so. Maybe that’s just the thin guy.

Nah, its male.