Mass Effect 2 - Praetorian

Skingrouped on/off lights


Awesome. Nice to be able to admire the detail without them shooting at me!

It is awesome. Nice one Haxxar.

Time to Vanguard charge th-ohwait.

It would be an honor to be killed horribly by such fine models as these.


Dammit Haxxer stop making the rest of us look bad!

[sp]j/k great work as always 11 / 10 already downloading[/sp]

Assuming control.

I hait this alien! =)

God damnit Praetorian, get back on the Collector Ship where you belong and stop killing Garrus!

I don’t play ME but this looks pretty awesome. i’ll probably use it for a pose or two.

this is the best ever model)
I hated this things in ME2) awesome work))

I have a question how do I put them in and where do I find them because they are not coming up for me.

Put them into the addons folder, then you go into the Q menu, press the browse tab and find the “Praetorian” folder. It should be there.

Anyway someone can make this into a playermodel?

Wow. Just… wow. It’s been a year friend, maybe a PM would work better.

Yeah…let’s make a playermodel out of a **four-legged **creature.