Mass Effect 2 Requests *56K WARNING*

First Request:
Weapons: (working, not just props, although having them as props would also be cool)

  1. Standard weapons (no grenade launcher)
  2. Collector Beam (actually, could someone make the phys gun look like this? It shoots a beam in the same way, and it would be an interesting idea)
  3. Special Collectors Assault rifle you get on the mission where you learn that [sp]Protheans are reapers[/sp]

Second Request:
John Shepard Player Model:

  1. Standard N7 armor
  2. With detachable Terminator helmet (can’t remember what it’s called)

Yes, a lot of stuff. I know. Any of that stuff would be awesome.
56K WARNING: (click to make bigger, had to make them thumbnails)
Standard Weapons:
Collecter Beam:
Commander Shepard: (No helmet)
forget the helmet in the next pic, it’s just for the leg details
Commander Shepard Cooler looking helmet
There we go, my gigantic 56k warning ME2 thread.

Who the hell is still on a 56k? :wink:

I doubt anyone will take up your request, since it’s nothing unique really. It’s one of the things you’re more likely to get done by learning Lua yourself and making it. Someone might though.

Good point, plus I’ve always wanted to learn how to do stuff like that, and port models from games like ME 2 and F3. I will still keep this up if anyone is interested in doing this, but I think I will try to learn.

Well worth trying, at least. Lua’s a really easy language, to be honest. By far the easiest out of the languages I’ve learned so far. Very lenient too.

Do you have any tips you haven’t seen in tutorials? Also, after watching my brother beat Mass Effect 2 (I already beat it) I really wanna take this project on.