Mass Effect 2 Requests

I’m looking for all the main characters of Mass Effect 2 with there helmets. I can open, Smd, Nif, 3ds, Obj and dff files in my 3ds max 8. If anyone has these.
Here is list of the other stuff I’m looking for.

Garrus Undamaged with Archangel helmet:

Blood Dragon Armor:

Cerberus Armour:

Terminus Armour:

N7 Breather:

Death Mask:

Recon Hood:

Kuwashii Visor:

Sentry Interface:

These are some of the stuff I’m looking for.
Thank You: Fallconde.

those should help make sure you have the bodygroup changer

I would love to get those but I don’t have Garry’s Mod. :frowning:

I think I remember a screenshot a while back with a YMIR mech in the background from Mass Effect 2. Has anyone got the download? Or was it even released (and my mind is playing tricks on me).

well they definitely are somehwere, even saw them on gmod, just no clue what name they have

The YMIR is in DT’s Fancy Model Pack, but the links are broken. I reuploaded the Mass Effect portion here.

Thank you very much!

So is there none of these models available, are anyone who can extract these files???

I don’t think anyone has the model files you’re looking for. Not even the uploaders. To clarify, he’s asking for the models to open in 3ds Max, not the already rigged ones for GMod.

You might be better off downloading XNA Lara and messing around with that. A link Here of a whole heap of models. I just dont remember the link for the actual program lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you just want the actual models to edit in 3ds or something of course, but XNA lets you convert the files back to .obj anyways.

Tydeus, your a life savor, Yes this was a big help, thank you very much…