Mass Effect 2 - Volus

Contains three skins (red, blue and green).


Three releases in one day, woopdewoop.

Nice :smiley: Your getting faster at porting them :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks HNNNK can be HNNNK deceiving.

I want a Volus party member in Mass Effect 3.

he’s soooo cute


Great ports haxxer, you are credit to team.

So you can carry him everywhere? Volus are all lard asses lol.

They are pretty funny though:

And they are usually picked on by other races

The color seems off. Looks like you used the alpha layer for a texture… Well, that’s exactly what it looks like.
Nice model and port tough. Really appreciate it.

haxxer you never cease to impress

Sorry, I have no idea how to work with tint maps to be honest. Maybe you do? :buddy:

I fool around obsessive compulsively until I do, yeah. xD

Sometimes I just cheat to make life easier on myself and color it myself. xP

“What do you mean earth clan”? Nice work!

Don’t bump the thread, always check the latest post-date.

U no support grorious modarator, Ding Dong Bannu!