Mass Effect 3 - Aria T'Loak and Diana Allers

Here are my some ports, again.

N7 Skin for Diana Allers

Bioware - Original textures and meshes.
GoOR - Porting, fixing fingers, face flexes
and Haxxer.
Sorry for my Bad English.

Well, I guess Ms. Allers can sick my duck, but thank you for Aria.

Now i get to do what i want to Jessica Chobot

No sexual remark, I hate her :v:

Thank you for this release…

Theres only one rule to downloading this addon, Dont fuck with Aria.

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Im getting an error when trying to copy the folder to my addons,its not letting me paste it,anyone know why this would happen?

Yeah I had the same issue. I had to use 7-Zip to open it. I just hope for whatever reason it doesn’t crash GMod.

omg i’ll reupload as RAR format.


And some other model who’s only word I can describe with rhymes with “punt”.

You meant cunt?

Nice job. Her face was never anything to write home about, but she does have the rack.
Gives Shepard something to stare at^^

It works now,thanks for the reupload.

Yeah, someone is really going to have to edit her facemap.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to perform some… minge postures with those two.


They grow up so fast, nice job

Same problem as with the UT3 models: clicking on the “Download” redirects me to the Jpeg and not the file.

Yay! Nice work GoOR! :smiley:

Good work on Aria T’Loak and Diana “Butter face” Allers.

“Well, hello from the neck down.” - Zapp Brannigan

if anyone else is having the same problem you can get a direct link here

Great release man.

How did you got Aria face? 3Dx Ripper?