Mass Effect 3: [Bonus] Co-Op Battlefield 3 themed Soldier.

It’s only v1. I’m going to make skingroups and bodygrouped helmets.
It has bodygrouped omni-tool with omni-blade.
It can be a NPC (yes I know, it’s really stupid to make NPC).

Have fun.

Picture of the “bonus”? Wait, this model is a bonus?


My brain is fucked.

I mean Bonus soldier in Mass Effect 3 co-op.

Shit. I thought you made some BF3-ish model hack as a bonus. :v:

Uh the bf3 soldier has a glow map. This one doesn’t. Looks more like a standard soldier as opposed to the bonus one.

Standard soldiers don’t have Urban Marpat Camo, they can get something along the lines of M81 camo though.

Also to be honest the glow map is ugly…

I want the super heart attack glow.

I really wish the Battlefield 3 character was an actual 21st-century Marine instead of a normal alliance soldier with digital camo. Then he’d look even more out of place. This guy looks like he’ll be useful though, awesome release!

If he used the assault class from BF3 as a player model in ME3 that would of been awesome…

It would be even cooler if you could use him with any class. Seeing a modern day Marine do a Biotic Charge then Nova would be awesome.

I like it, but i don’t think NPC’s are stupid (It’s just annoying with the truckloads of requests.) it can be fun sometimes.
Nice work.

Nikout, my man! Loving the model, but how long till a playermodel, i really look forward to your playermodels and this is another one i MUST have :smiley:

This model is brilliant, but theres a problem. Im trying to make a skin, but there’s some funky stuff going on with it, and it’s just got it’s default textures no matter what I do.