Mass Effect 3 - Commander Shepard. (Rest in Catalist).

Finally, after so much weeks I’ve finished this models… Ehm… Not really.

Video trailer right over there:

** There you can see future updates and fixes, if you would message me about bugs.**

-Some bugs are known to me as finger posing (just use Restrict axis).

This screenshot has been made by my friend, Isaac House. Thank you yet again!

And other one by me.

Download link:
DropBox (I will not make links via images, it could broke actual link).

I hope you like it!

Nice !awesome!

Thank you man…

Wait nevermind, i got it.

any chance of a fix

Sorry, it’s fixed now.

Awesome work.
And thank you for putting the actual link instead of the image.

A very nice job.

Finally, been waiting for this for release. A big thanks

Nice release, arms look weird though.

You did good son, you did good!

Wow thank you!

This model is full of win.

Dude I love you. Thank you so much for porting Injured Shepard!

Fingerposing is terrible. Plus the hand flexes suck. But the model is pretty awesome itself. Now I want FemShep :slight_smile:

Yeah i did notice that. I can’t curl his fingers around the trigger and his wrist was constantly getting twisted.

I will fix the fingerposing as soon as possible. Plus, new suits and bodygrouped armor (but it would take a long time to make it, fix will be the first update).

There’s a way to do it. In the Fingerposing menu, there’s a little option “Restrict axis” Undo that and you can move his fingers in all directions. That way you can curl his fingers 'round almost properly.

Good news, I’ve fixed finger posing issues.

Thank you. Now please upload fix. The fingerposing just became a total b***h to me.

Thank you so much for this! I hate to ask this but how does the download link work? I’m not use to it. Thanks a ton for making this happen though I really appreciate it!