Mass Effect 3 - Kai Leng

[tab]Title:[/tab] Kai Leng
[tab]Description:[/tab] Kai Leng ported from ME3, comes with bodygrouped omni-tool, omni-blade and samurai sword.

Great job comrade.

Nice job! :smiley:

i’ve never asked for this

How did you get Adam Jensen in GMOD?

Adam Jensen > Kai Leng.

Anyway, real nice work, Norpo

Well now, this is great!

Now we just need some Reaper forces.

oh hey there Future Gary Oak how’s it going


I still can’t believe the council was almost killed by a gay ninja.

Haha, nice work.

My omni blade s augmented

lol so how do you know he was gay?

Where can I get that Adam Jensen?

I can’t wait to kill him again, and again, and again…

Would a straight man strut around in the futuristic equivalent of white leggings and a trenchcoat?

well last time i checked reality gay is defined by who you have sex with and some of your actions towards others not by the choice or fashion sense of clothing you wear.

Faints from teh awesome


Damn man you’re serious? I thought it was the pope

Was that sarcasim or…?