Mass Effect 3 Kodiak Shuttle

I’m sure all you Mass Effect fans are wondering the same thing as I am: Where is ME3’s Kodiak shuttle?! I know that a while ago, it was said that it was being worked on, but to date, it STILL hasn’t released!

Yes it has. It’s been released for over 2 years now.

It’s in here, along with just about all the other vehicles from Mass Effect 3.

Saw it. Downloaded the fix.

-you got it already-

I actually got the pack ages ago and for some reason, I seem to only have the Interior of the Kodiak, not the whole shuttle itself.

Am I missing something here or was it something I did?

I guess I shouldn’t have snipped what I said.

Scroll down the page and get the fix so you get the full shuttle model.

So that’s where it was! Never saw that.

I owe you one man!