Mass Effect 3 - Legion


There is no difference between ME3 and ME2 model, but I decided to port it anyway to practise my skills, so, here it is. Improved texture included, finger posing is works absolutely great and Legi now has flexes. Includes skingroups (from ME2 of course).
Video about flexes, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT:



Bioware for the original models and textures.
NikouT - porting, face posing, finger posing.
SuperCheater5 - many thanks to him, he teached and helped me with textures and .vmt parameters. Hope you like his work too!
DP | Alex Portamn - Updated phong.

Have fun!

Nice work. :smiley:

Yet again, great job on the model buddy!

Good job and thank you! I was searching for Legion for some weeks :smiley:

Nice release, i like the flex update, it will make it even more useful!

I’d have to look and see what differences there are compared to the ME2 in terms of faceplate posing as well to see if the reskin I made for it would be compilable with this new version :).

Also, any idea on how to make the Geth Eyeflare on GIMP?

Bah, Im not sure that’s a good idea to make a Eyeflare for it. Use Unreal Engine SDK then.

Shepard Commander.

Creator NikouT. Does this platform have a soul?

Spoiler tag that shit

Awesome! Cant wait to get some pics with him hehe. Question, any chance you can get some Krogys or casual turian models sometime? =3 would be greatly appreciated. Oooh, maybe “Eve” as well?

What? :pwn:

do geth dream of exploding quarians?

i download anyway

The new texture makes Legion look a lot nicer than the ME2 version…but I’m having a small issue with him; when I save and reload with this Legion, he uhh…disappears when the loading is done, I’ve looked though the console and haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe there’s something wrong. And when I try to slam objects into where he was, the new objects do collide…however, after unfreezing objects that are no-collided with the now missing Legion, the collisions disappear also. Very strange ¯(°_o)/¯