Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer DLC Characters

I would Like it if someone could link me too, or make me, these ME3 DLC characters as ragdolls.

•Adepts I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Asari, Drell, Asari (Justicar), Project Phoenix

•Adepts I Have: N7 Fury

•Soldiers I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Krogan, Turian, Batarian, Vorcha

•Soldiers I Have: Battlefield 3, N7 Destroyer

•Engineers I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Quarian Female, Salarian, Geth, Quarian Male

•Engineers I Have: N7 Demolisher

•Sentinels I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Turian, Krogan, Batarian, Vorcha

•Sentinels I Have: N7 Paladin

•Infiltrators I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Salarian, Quarian Female, Geth, Quarian Male

•Infiltrators I Have: N7 Shadow

•Vanguards I Don’t Have: Human Male/Female, Drell, Asari (Justicar), Project Phoenix

•Vangaurds I Have: Krogan, N7 Slayer

I could also use some other things like…

•A Omni-Shield for the N7 Paladin

•Other Things

If you have any of the things listed above or could make them please link me too them.

What? Besides all that text, I think it be wise if anybody did the multiplayer characters to give them valve rig so we can play them in GMod multiplayer.

The non human races aren’t done yet.

What do you mean?

…What is there about what he said that is difficult to understand?
The only multiplayer characters that have been completed were the Earth DLC ones, meaning that the non-humans (you know, aliens?) are not finished.

-1. Okay didn’t realize that.

-2. Why?

Because they aren’t done?
Or not being worked on?

He means they’ve not been done.

Though we do have ME3 Turians… if you want to hex Garrus and stuff… also the Krogan Vanguard is basically one of the generic Krogans… the quarians too… and the geth actually. But we’ve got the rest. Also why did you make 2 seperate threads? All ME shit goes in the huge ass Mass Effect thread and if you dont want to look through that, theres a catalogue here someplace too.

Just doesn’t make sense? I would think someone would have at least made the krogan soldier or the first alien characters

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Well I’ve checked there (I have a krogan vanguard and project phoenix I forgot about) and I can’t find vorcha or batarians. Idk but I need some more models for a project of mine.

Oh yeah thats right, we also have batarians, but not the ones from multiplayer, that armour is pretty cool. No vorcha yet though, keep checking out the Mass Effect megathread, those guys usually update us with the stuff they’re doing.

Also you have a project phoenix guy? I dont think I have that yet.

Yep it’s on haxxar’s mega thread here:

They don’t have a pic though it’s the second link for Me2 player models

Oh, you mean the inferno armour? Thats not the phoenix. The Inferno armour also comes with the N7 pack.

The inferno armor is the project Phoenix model the multiplayer character wears it

Not really:



Pretty noticable difference if you ask me. The helmet is different for a start… not to mention the armour is completely different.

Huh didn’t really notice untill now, don’t know why?
It would be really cool if someone could make me a 2 Project Phoenix’s one with the whips, and another without them

Y’know them wips would just be bodygroups.
…you know the Bodygroup Tool, right? Because [sp]you seem very ignorant. Don’t take that wrong[/sp]

There was a texture for the Justicar ported to XNALara as a psd. I don’t have photoshop, but it could easily be transferred onto the mesh of Liara’s “armored” outfit if it was converted into a vtf. Just pointing it out :U

Oh yeah forgot about the asari too I think. The standard Adept and Vanguard use the merc attire from Haxxers pack, while the justicar uses Liara’s like EliteMaster17 said. I might’ve missed out drell too, they just use Thane’s body and clothing.