Mass Effect 3 - The Quarians

[Release]**-- Mass Effect 3 – **

Release: The Quarians
Real Ultimate Flexibility!
Toe posing! (Download Toe-Poser here)
Lots’o skins and bodygroups! (Download Bodygroup Changer here)

*Bioware's skeleton! Meaning **NO**, I will not make this a playermodel, NPC, or whatever the hell someone's gonna ask for.*

A legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod

Known Bugs:
-Fixed- [del]Quarian VMTs pointing to wrong directory for detail map[/del]
There are no known bugs at the time of release. If you encounter any, give me a shout!

The female Quarians have five skins and bodygrouped pouches.
The male Quarians have six skins, bodygrouped pauldrons, arm pouches, and belt pouches.
The fifth skins are intended to look like the Admiralty as they appeared in Mass Effect 3.
The sixth skin for the male Quarians is intended to look like Kal’Reegar.

Tali’Zorah vas Normandy has bodygrouped pouches and knife.

If you have trouble finding where grab the ragdoll, open your console and type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats,
and then “vcollide_wireframe 1” to make all collision models visible. Type “vcollide_wireframe 0” to disable this.

-!!-*vcollide_wireframe may cause a crash if there are a huge amount of visible props*-!!-


Download Links:

Tali’Zorah vas Normandy now has her second alternate appearance from the From Ashes DLC!

**If you haven't downloaded my Geth pack, download this and drop it into your addons folder after extracting the Quarians. This will fix purple and black checkers on the male and female quarians.**

Quarian Detail Fix

All credit goes to Bioware for making such high quality models!

I only set this up for Garry’s Mod and made new skins. :slight_smile:

If you decide to edit, hex, or reskin this model, make sure to add Bioware in your credits!
If you do anything with the second skin, let me know! I’d like to see!

If you find any crippling bugs (missing textures, explosive face posing, broken limbs, etc), send me
a message on Facepunch or post in this file’s thread.


Yet more amazing work, from the master that is Squiddy. :smiley:

amazing work comarade!

Wicked, thanks!

Finaly! 1st mass effect port with adjusted phong.

Squiddy, I fucking love you.

So fast. Well done!

Neat ports, but the phong is a bit too strong for my taste.

Phong is supposed to support a texture, not overpower it.

you said Ezio will be released after this right?

To be fair, I’ve got a bright white lamp shining on the models for the last three sets of screenshots, so the phong appears heavier than it actually is.

Getting a bug with these amazing models. (Quarians being my favorite race in ME) When I spawn anything but Tali their models seem to have an “overlay” of a lack of texture (pink/black checkers) It seems to be like, a wrapping of it, as I can see the models but they have a transparent pink/black checkered texture over them.

Sounds like the detail map isn’t loading… That would be because I failed real hard and forgot to redirect the quarians’ detail maps to Tali’s folder. It’s still reading to the Geth.
Let me upload a fix for that.

Here, fix uploaded. I’ll update the main package with it shortly, as well.
Quarian Detail Fix

WOOT! Thanks mate! I appreciate it!

hey what map is the first pic from?

de_KeySIV :slight_smile:

We need more amazing maps like that.

I wish i could change their colors the way i want… But still, awesome stuff dude!

How come Tali doesn’t have her alternate outfits?

I only included Tali’s first alternate outfit, because has two or three (or four) versions of her basic outfit, which is literally the exact some model from Mass Effect 2; and because I don’t have the From Ashes DLC, so I couldn’t get her second alternate.