Mass Effect 3 - Vehicles, Spaceships and Reapers.

**Mass Effect 3 - Vehicles, Spaceships and Reapers, oh my!


Alliance/Cerberus APC - Two versions with Alliance/cerberus skins, one with a crew compartment, one with a flatbed.
Hovercars - Bodygrouped doors, several skin groups for tail lights on/off and multiple colors. Grey skin can be colored using the color tool.
Alliance Fighter - Bodygrouped landing gear.
Cerberus Fighter - Bodygrouped wings and landing gear.
C-Sec patrol car - Bodygrouped doors and tail light skins.
Forklift - Comes with forks as a seperate prop and 3 bodygroups; forks down, forks up, and no forks.
Geth Fighter - Ragdolled and static versions included.
Geth Hovercraft - Has bodygrouped doors/storage compartments on the back.
Heavy truck
UT-47A Kodiak - Ragdolled, has bodygrouped doors and a low-detail interior as a bodygroup, comes with the full interior as a seperate prop.
Krogan truck
M-35 Mako 
Mounted turret
Reaper Turret
Reaper Fighter - Comes with the eye part as a seperate prop.
Alliance Frigate
Cerberus Frigate
Geth Dreadnought
Reaper Destroyer - Ragdolled, some assembly required.
Sovereign class reaper - 2 versions, one with all arms ragdolled, the other with the upper arms in a 'stowed' position.
Turian Frigate 
Civilian Van - Comes with destroyed version with 2 skins.
Turian Fighter - Has bodygrouped landing gear.


If a vehicle in this pack has wheels, they’re ragdolled. The Mako is completely ragdolled, and has a fully posable turret. The geth fighter is ragdolled too, but it was a bitch to pose in a hurry so i included a static version.

A lot of the models have bodygroups, and some of them have skins too.
Get this if you haven’t already got it.

All ships come in 4 sizes, but get this tool:
It’s helpful to get the ships to whatever size you might need them at, and is also handy for scaling the fighters down for space battles.

Another helpful tool is this:

Since the Kodiak wouldn’t compile with the high res interior as a bodygroup, i decided to make it so the interior can be attached using this tool. Simply spawn the Kodiak and the interior, click on the kodiak, then on the interior, then on the kodiak again, and it will attach itself. It’s not rocket science, it’s just 3 clicks.

PICTURES (not everything in the pack is pictured.)

if you managed to survive all those huge pictures, here’s the download link:


**Haxxer** - Helping me out and porting the Reapers (and for making most of the sexy release pictures)
**FloaterTWO** - Porting all the vehicles except for the Reapers.
**LT_C** - Helped me out with shaders and made the Mako and Alliance ship spec maps.

And thanks to **Wraithcat**, **Bloocobalt**, **Taggart**, **Alekos**, and anyone else i turned to for help 
when something fucked up late at night and i had no idea what to do.

ALSO special super bonus thanks to Troodon80 from DeviantArt for helping me find some of the models that were proving illusive

My day was just made. :smiley:

awesome job guys!, now to find maps to use the ships with

hail Haxxer, hail Floater. Kings of Mass Effect Model porting

I wanted to do a pelvic thrust but I almost cracked my balls on my desk, so I’ll have to do with giving you a Winner

Sooo… …much… …awsomesauce in one package!

I love how practically everything in Mass Effect has been ported (all three games). Thanks for everything you guys have done. Excellent release, my friend.

Good job Floater.

That stuff will be very useful! Thanks for that!

Woo! Kickass!

Howly sheet. Pure love.

so this’l cost what, my first born son? Free?!! u want my son anyway?

Brilliant work, thank you so much!

Strange, only Kodiak’s interior shows up on the list, but actual ragdolled hull doesn’t. I see only Kodiak_interior.mdl
Did you forget to include actual thing in the pack by any chance?
Please fix it (or maybe it’s just me being a moron and it’s right there, but I don’t see it).

As for everything else - no complaints. Works fine, looks nice and overall deserves a winner.
Thank you.

[SUP][SUB]That’s pretty fuckin’ coo’[/SUB][/SUP]

I got the same problem too. but otherwise this is a pretty superb pack.


How can I open the Destroyer’s “face”? Like in the pic…

It’s bodygrouped as the first bodygroup.

Sorry, I was sure I included the Kodiak Exterior when I uploaded it. Floater will have a fix up shortly.

An amazing assortment of awesome. I’ve been using the Mass Effect stuffs to illustrate my weekly recaps for a table top game and now my players can finally leave the planet. :wink:

Glad to hear the Kodiak was actually missing and I wasn’t insane for not finding it too. But is there some kind of reflection texture missing for the Sovereign-class reapers or are they suppose to shine purplish? With Reaper stuffs it’s actually hard to tell.