Mass Effect: Aircar & Cerberus Extras

Somebody asked me about one of these models a while back, so i figured I’d release them all since they’re done and i haven’t really got an excuse not to.

Mass Effect: Cerberus Extras

All the stuff that was missed from previous packs or simply added in the DLCs/MP updates since they were released. Contains the Centurion, Dragoon, Rampart Mech, and a bunch of defensive barriers & shield generators. Most models have bodygroups and some have skins.[/t]


**MEDIAFIRE (For SFM users)

Mass Effect: Aircar

The Aircar from Mass Effect 3. Includes ordinary Aircar and police/C-Sec cruiser. Both models have bodygrouped doors and displays inside. The roof, door, and seats are joint tool compatible.




That Skycar will be incredibly useful should my Citadel map actually get somewhere! Thanks again!


It’s good to see the Cerberus guys get a release.

Question on the aircar, though, is it different than the one that was released with the bigger vehicle pack some time ago?

Externally, no. The interior’s completely different, though.

After Haxxer and I released that vehicle pack, the Omega DLC came out which had an aircar model with the interior that i used for this one. I figured the better interior with dashboard display panels would be nicer for posing than the old one since it was kind of low-res and not great.

I also updated the textures a bit, and i don’t think the old one had color too compatability.

Just when I was worried people had given up on porting more stuff from ME3.

Thank you. Thank you for making me believe again.

I’ve had most of this stuff done for over a year, just not released it :v:

I didn’t really plan on porting anything new from ME3, but in doing the scenebuilds for the pictures it made me remember how shit the selection of Mass Effect scenebuilding stuff is. I’ll possibly port some buildings and tileset pieces eventually and maybe do the guns that’ve been added since i last updated the weapons pack, but I’m not sure I’ll do anything else.

Having a think about it there’s some stuff i’d still like to do, like the ME3 casuals (since the ME1 and ME2 models are far worse quality + i already have a bunch of the textures done for something else), but i think pretty much everything worth porting has been done.


The ME3 casuals are something I’ve been waiting for for a loooong time. They are far superior texture wise to the ME1 and ME2 versions. Plus, there were some human casual outfits from ME1 and ME2 that were never ported that have better versions in ME3 (think some sort of worker envirosuit and some colonist oufits, among other things).

Anyway, you port the ME3 oufits and I shall worship you as a deity.

…or, maybe just say “Awesome! Thanks!” and then use them in a ton of scenes.

These are very useful, thank you

Oh. I’ve waited for these models since 2012! You are savior!
Could they be released for SFM too?

I’ll upload them to Mediafire tomorrow for the SFM users.

I haven’t tried them in SFM so i can’t guarantee that they’ll work, but i see no reason why they wouldn’t.

Hey. New Cerberus tech! About bloody time that we had the Centurion Model.

Also, as an interesting note for everyone here. The Dragoon model is a added bonus as it’s the same model used for the Project Phoenix Defectors that you can play as in ME3 Multiplayer. Below is the links to prove my point.

Project Phoenix Adept:

Project Phoenix Vanguard:

More Cerberus?! Excellent! Awesome models as usual! :slight_smile:

Very nice Floater, thanks for a great release mate!



Updated with Mediafire links for the SFM users.

I’ve not tested these with SFM, but they should be fine.

I’ve tried using the Aircar in SFM. The rig is spawning, but the model itself is completely invisible. I’ve tried fixing it myself, but to no avail.
If you know a way to resolve this please let me know.
Also, for cerberus stuff, the portable cover doesn’t seem to show a texture for the hologram portion, so it’s just a white ‘T’ any way I pose or bodygroup it.

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