Mass Effect Casual Humans pack

All of the HL2 Males and Females in the following clothes:



Place/extract/copy the folder named “Mass Effect Casuals” into your addons folder and it’s good to go.


If you don’t have those, you’ll see purple and black reflections on the eyes.

["][url=]]( mirror provided by ordiNonce.

Glorious! Thanks mate! I will put these models to good use. Keep up the good work!

Edit: One of the files for the female admirals is broken/corrupted.

These are really nice, can’t wait to use these

Now you are a winner, man!

Yep, there’s some troubles with the file (something wrong with the materials?): casuals\materials\models\haxxer\casual\female\admiral\HMF_ARM_CTHa_Mar_Diff_Stack_srp_1.vtf

What’s wrong with it?

So it occurs to me that something fucked up hard with the folders and somehow i managed to get models in the materials folder. Working on fixing this, and the above issue if he tells me what exactly’s up with it.

Fookin’ nice.

Purple textures.

Delete your old one and install the new one, something fucked up when i zipped it up.

This is excellent.

So Mediafire is being iffy, any chance you can upload it elsewhere?

I’ll try uploading it to whilst i go for a shower but has a habit of reporting my shit then deleting it shortly afterwards.

All right cool beans, thanks.



The medics and some of the casual have really tiny hands in your pictures, possible non-human base models?

No. Both asari and humans share the same body mesh - like batarians and male huamsn. Mass effect proportions are just like that. Massive feet tiny hands. And pretty heroic proportions by gender. :stuck_out_tongue:

FFFFuck, why do so many things need the enhanced citizens for them to work.

Ugh i guess i’ll have to download it aswell, nice mass effect citizens though.

Cause those citizens are polished, have more flexes and they’re already decompiled.