Mass Effect Colony Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mass Effect Colony Pack

[tab]Includes:[/tab] This pack contains 36 models from Mass Effect 2 which can be put together to create colonies and forts like those seen on Freedom’s Progress and Horizon.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] cire992.




Most models have 2 skins, includes the various walls from the colonies (not pictured). Includes spawnlists.

I apologize for the lack of pics. I meant to do more with this, but I’ve started having computer problems in the last few days. I’ve decided to release the finished pack without any of the extra content I had in mind now in case I don’t have a chance to get back to this for a while.

Awesome job, glad you got something out here for us! :buddy:

Pure awesome. These will be great for scenebuilds. Nice work!

Would love to see some screens if someone’s up to it.

Yay!! A modular colony!! :smiley:

i have colonies in my Q menu, now to colonize the Gmod universe.

RP servers will like this.

I think I love you.

Lol @ the comments. What part of “Mass Effect Colony Pack” implies “Models Ported from Halo”? Was their something in one of the newer Halo games that looked like the ME2 colonies?

Anyhow, there are a couple more models to port once I’m up and running again. The 2 door models, wall corner piece, wall pillar things, Horizon port models and those big Horizon turrets.

Good detail on those props could be good for building ships too. Keep-up the good work, its much appreciated.

gotta port the kowloon modules you gotta bro you just gotta

You may want to recompile with $opaque, some of the models did not cast dynamics, also try tweaking the phong shader just a bit to make it looks a lot better, keep it up! :buddy:

I really don’t have the patience to stick these things together lol. I think I’ll wait until someone makes a map. I gave it a go though! :slight_smile:

You did use nocollide, right?

Of course, I’ll give it another go once I wake up (or goto sleep). I only gave up because I forgot to nocollide a duplicated part and it just threw me off :P. Although if you happen to have an adv dupe of one of the huts, I’d be happy to take it from you :smiley:

Cire, aren’t you a mamber at the fallout 3 underground too? ^^,

Do they come with spawn icons?

Oh, sweet. Perfect for scene building. Thanks!


you realize gmod generates those right