Mass Effect: Massive Asari Megapack (we have strippers)

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FOR ALL OF THE BELOW: 6 unique skin colors and facial markings

Light Armor: 12 skins, 3 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor, breather)
Medium Armor: 12 skins, 3 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor, breather)
Medium 2 Armor: 7 skins, 3 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor, breather)
Heavy Armor: 12 skins, 3 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor, breather)
Eclipse Armor: 2 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor & breather)
Shadow Broker Armor: 2 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor & breather)
Commando Armor

Separate regular helmet: 19 skins, 3 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor, breather)
Separate merc helmet: 2 skins, 2 helmet bodygroups (regular, visor & breather)

Workers: 10 skins
Dress 1: 10 skins
Dress 2: 10 skins
Dress 3: 10 skins
Medic: 3 skins


For this pack I made a certain type of face flexes that allows for facial customization (a bit limited due to how source handles eyes), and together with 6 different face textures you will be able to create some variety:


Floater-Two/Kali: For making this possible with his great patience, skinning skills and amazing speed.
Cire992: For letting me use this facial flexes and his download icons (<3)
Urbanator: For testing these models
Haxxer/Wasp: Various stuff


[]( Megapack.7z)

PM any bugs to ME and please do not clog up the thread ツ

You all better be happy because i nearly went fucking insane making all those skins.

Great release, Thank you…

i’m going to pleasure you in ways impossible to describe with our limited vocabulary

Rock and roll. One day when NASA is exploring the stars and finding real aliens we’ll all be so deflated when they’re parasitic slimy acid worms and not these chicks.

Good work guys. You make a great team.

Thank you for this. It’s never enough when it’s blue sexy chicks.

Well that’s nice.

Damn you Haxxer, I’m having a heart attack because of all awesomeness!

Words cannot describe what you you two have accomplished.

Once again, why there is no Wikipedia-article about you, dudes?

Yay for big blue titties

Wow, and face shape modifiers. Impressive work.

Very nice, Can’t wait to try them out!

What I’ve seen is also beyond words, Xana. Beauty. Indescribable sexiness.

Came because of strippers. Not dissapointed.

Yeah I have to agree with Hunter, I just came for the strippers, but the rest of the pack turned out pretty well too.

By the Goddess…
This must have been a massive undertaking, for that I thank you for your hard work.
Seriously nice one!

I probably missed out something there but… I’ve never seen a male asari?

All Asari look female. They impregnate each other with their minds and all that bullshit.

Space magic!

Srsly tho you are all mad for undertaking this, so I hope you know how much more it’s appreciated.