Mass Effect mercenaries V1.1

[release]DOWNLOAD LINK:[/release]

**Wraithcat deserves almost all of the credit for these since she did the original models, i just improved the textures a bit.

Credit to Haxxer too for making the FP merc skin.**

I’ve had these sitting around since July with people bugging me to release them and i figured i probably should do it sometime this year so what better time than the last day of the year

They’ve been sitting around for so long i forgot what i did to them apart from SHINY LIGHTS!!

[release] THIS PACK CONTAINS: All HL2 females and males in merc armor with various skins, all with shiny glowy lights. Males have bodygrouped helmets, females don’t.

Also includes full helmeted versions.

Yes, i know that one of the male skins is broken. I can’t really fix it.

this pack contains these guys too

[release] (first pic is old and smoothing has been fixed since then)


This is totally awesome… Thank you floater!

So much glow.

I’m in love.


These are nice.


I am now motivated to complete the fixed rigging for these fucknuggets

looks sweet

Thanks to ‘cat and float’.

Fuck mw3 and WWII stuff. This is the stuff that i’ve been waiting for!


Awesome Work

Yay, you finally released them :slight_smile:

Mirrored, since megaupload died horribly, I forgot to make mirrors after uploading there in the first place anyways.
Use the first primarily, since the latter is hosted from my personal dropbox.

megaupload is not around any more find another site

literally one post above you man

Anyways since this has been bumped I may as well say I’m getting the dreaded pink and black squares on all the headhacks. Anybody know why? I got all the Valve games.

Use enhanced citizens. I think version two but don’t quote me on that (I installed both 2 and redux just in case). Also note that the inner right thigh grabs onto the left on the male models and the turn radius on the female models is limited. Other than that, they are perfect.

Version 1

Mind uploading these else where seeing as the fbi took megaupload down -.-… swear they really piss me off with times like this.

You can get them on

Oh my mistake I thought maybe they were only on megaupload, thanks for letting me know ^.^