Mass Effect mini model pack.

A bunch of models ported from mass effect 1, i was gonna port more but with mass effect 2 coming out i figured alot of the bigger name model porters would start porting from that so i didn’t bother.


The guns textures might look a bit odd and bland to you becuase i had to try reskinning them, the textures when ripped from the game come out all rainbow looking due to the way the game makes the guns diffrent colors ingame.



Bout time we got our hands on the stupid jellyfish. :v:

Awesome ports!

OMG! I have been waiting for some weapons from mass effect, do you think you could do wrex, a geth trooper, normandy and nihlus? It would go great for comics.

I thought the read-me was gonna say “Read me you bitch” But it said “read me you big stupid jellyfish” :v:

Nice :smiley: Saves me doing that lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice reskins on the guns aswell ^^

Keep a look out, i’ve been working on a couple of those ^.~

Edit: doubt i’ll be able to do them aswell as these though :frowning:

Your work is always cool SS, dont worry!

And thanks 3xM, this things look pretty cool, especially that little alien dog thing :3

I will be honest.

I only know the Hanar out of all of those things. But who cares, I like that dog lizard thing :dance:

Did/will you port Wrex or a generic one of his species?

If you plan on porting and humanoids, you should port an Elcor. They look…weird but cool. Awesome pack, by the way. The skins don’t look bad at all!

WOOO Jellyfish! :smiley:
Thanks for porting dem weapons too. Been hoping someone would do those.

Needs moar Conrad Verner.

leeches off

I love you. Now and forever.

nice port

You should try some of the characters. That would be awesome.

Frankly, I think a pack like this is overdue. Awesome, though, that you managed to not only port them properly, but also release them.

I think we need a set of Mass Effect replacement skins for HL2. Every weapon is covered, so i don’t see why not.

you NEED to port Tali. seriously.

Tali’s model, plus varients can be found in lilwasa’s christmas pack.

Yeah but one of her upper arms is unmoveable.

I forgot to add the good phys model on her, to fix it just replace it with one of the other quarians physics.

Also, great pack.