mass effect models > gmod > SFM?

Ok I am a serious rookie and only just discovering SFM and GMod and using steam for anything other than… well that will turn into a ramble so… all I want to do is to get mass effect models from mass effect into SFM to do some vid/stills stuff… i’ve been all around the houses, getting on for two days, watched lots of how to… and i’m pretty sure i can make a good fist of it once i find a way to get the models/assets from the game into SFM and i understand i need to do that via GMod?

Please dont send me to the how to use GMod or the mass effect models thread coz i’m really lost and sort of need someone just to tell me to x,y,z so if anyone has the time and the inclination to help a really confused would be content creator… um… find the content and make it work… i would be eternally grateful

First of all, this is not a place to get help for SFM.
Secondly, you don’t need GMod to make any part of SFM work.
Any Garry’s Mod model will work in SFM.
SFM models will not work in Garry’s Mod.

Yeah I appreciate this isnt the place to ask for help with SFM… that was only part of journey I was trying to make and I’ve had people tell me to use GMod to get the models in a format that would work… if thats wrong then that would be helpful…
But I’m still trying to find out how to get mass effect models into Gmod regardless of where else i might use them…