Mass Effect Models

I’ve been playing through Mass Effect 1 recently (not my first time playing!), and having got so far into it has given me some ideas for a SFM poster. Only problem is that I don’t have the right models to use.

I can use Nikout’s model of Shepard in the Onyx armor as well as Garrus in the ME1 Turian pack, but that’s about it. Stuff that I would also like to use (which I can’t seem to find) would also be Saren’s model, Liara in the lab suit she wears aboard the Normandy and the Normandy SR-1 among a few.

If anyone knows where these models are, I’d definitely appreciate it!

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Just realised that Saren was included in the ME1 Turian pack, and I found a model of the SR-1 Normandy to use.

All I really need is ME1-styled Liara.

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Never mind. Disregard this thread. I have everything I need.

Heh, I was gonna say, you should have an embarrassment of riches over on the steam workshop. I’m pretty sure all the major ports from the old mass effect thread have made their way over by now. If not, the old megathread is here:

Most of the links should still work, even if the imgs don’t.