Mass Effect Props Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mass Effect Props

[tab]Includes:[/tab] 64 Mass Effect props, many with different skingroups and a couple with different bodygroups. Includes spawnlists and wheel stool tires for the 2 included vehicles.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] cire992.




Not much else to say. It’s my first mod. Check out the pics.

:siren: Re-compiled all the models, if you’re a mapper then download this pack again, the old version models crash hammer when you try to load them. Sorry about that. :siren:

good work

Very useful for mappers.

Well done.

This is great stuff

These models are crashing hammer, should be something obvious, but in case it isn’t here’s the .qc for one of the models. If something looks wrong, please let me know. I’m new to this, so I wouldn’t know better.

$modelname "cire992/props/kitchen05.mdl"
$scale 1.00
$cdmaterials "models/cire992\props"

$body "Body" "kitchen05_ref.SMD"

$texturegroup skin {
{ "Kitchen01_Clean_Diff" }
{ "Kitchen01_Dirty_Diff" }

$sequence "idle" "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\gmod props\kitch1\idle.smd" fps 30.000 ACT_IDLE 1 

$surfaceprop "metal"

$keyvalues { "prop_data" {"base" "Metal.Large"}

$collisionmodel "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\gmod props\kitch3\physmodel3.SMD" {
	$mass 250.000

Two problems I can see:

  1. The $scale 1 is redundant, and can be removed.
  2. You seem to have mismatched brackets in the $keyvalues.

Thanks gman, the $scale line ended up being the issue. I’ll try to get all these recompiled tonight, might not be enough time though.

edit: didn’t take as long as I thought it would, fixed and updated.

Good work man!

Heck yes.

scenebuilder’s dream come true

I’ve tried uploading this and it just never starts the download on the site you linked in this thread.

Yeah mediafire has been weird lately. Posted mirror on megaupload.

just in time. im workin on a little vid with mass effect. thanks man

Are the aircraft in this pack meaning the ones that fly around? I wouldn’t mind trying to add those to my map. But other than that the models are really nice, Thanks!

Aircraft? No, no flying things. There is a mining truck and a tractor.

So if i was to map with this pack, were would I put it? I put it in the models, materials files etc. showed up in hammer but not in game. addons as well then?

garrysmod is a little more tricky than most source games as it uses maps from other games. the models would need to be installed in the models and materials folder for the game who’s editor you are using as well as in garrysmod because garrys mod doesn’t look for overriding files, just the base ones. as for whether or not addons would work, idk; i do know that the materials and models folder should work.

you can also package it with the map.

could recompile them again even colony pack in static option checked



The media tags are only for YouTube videos as far as I can tell.