Mass Effect Requests Thread

Because I love Mass Effect, and a big chunk of the community does too.

Some people I would appreciate ported:

James Vega


And his alt and other alt armors, which I couldn’t find pictures of.


inb4 here come the sex poses.

Captain/Admiral/Councilor David Anderson

RAMIREZ, GET OFF THE DAMN STREET! (Anderson would be nice in his formal outfit, and the Alliance field dress one.)

(This is just him in his Field Dress)

Engineer Riley

A really cool example of blending MP with SP. She’d be a nice ragdoll for combat posing.

Major Coats and other Alliance Troopers

I was told Taggart was working on these. :3

(Major Coats)

(An Alliance Trooper)

Shepard’s Assorted Armors from ME3

I really liked all the variants of armor Shep had in Mass Effect 3. If anyone could do an import, I’d be grateful.

They’re going to be ported eventually, just sit and wait for someone to do them. Making a thread like this isn’t going to hurry it along.

Don’t you think you could of posted here like everyone else has been doing?
I know it’s for WIP models but a lot of requests are just made in that thread.

Except usually in that thread it’s the same ‘can someone port vega edi and anderson’ over and over again. They’re pretty main characters, so it’s not like they’ve been forgotten about, they just haven’t been done yet.