Mass Effect Screensavers!!!

Hi everyone I’m making gmod screenshots of Mass Effect characters so they can be used as screensavers hope you like them more to come soon!!!
Also if you have a cool Gmod Mass Effect Picture then Pm me with a Link to a download and a link to the picture and i will see what i can do.
Requests are also valid here so don’t be shy request something and i’ll try to make it happen.

IMPORTANT: These pictures are .Jpg files if you can not use them Pm me and I will help you fix them.

-Garrus with Sniper:

-Grunt Fighting Phantom:

-Legion with Sniper:

-Wrex with Pistol:


don’t ever use the default explosion

I don’t want more, nobody wants more.

got any other ones i can use?

I’m fine with my current screensaver/wallpaper thanks

I’d really recommend that you work on your posing and camera angles before you use this though

You’re bad and you should feel bad.

This looks Sooo Good as my desktop background

[sub][sub][sub]Not really[/sub][/sub][/sub]

I’ll never understand why people think other people want to use their bad poses as background wallpapers or in this case screensavers.


These are so badass bro keep it up

Best poses I’ve ever seen.

Alrighty, lets see what we got here…

Don’t use Construct, Flatgrass, or Bigcity unless you scenebuild the shit out of it.

The posing on the Cerberus chick/person is a little stiff.

Most of these are really plain. You should get a smaller map rather than Bigcity.

Default explosion is a no-no. You should never use it. If worse comes to worst, try to edit an explosion in instead.

Experiment with lighting more. As it stands, it looks like that last picture you just shined the flashlight on the model.

Theres definitely some work needed, but I think you’ll do just fine if you take criticism well and don’t argue with people that don’t like your screenshots.

(Also, don’t say you’re screenshots are screensavers. I know you meant for them to be, but until they improve, no one will want these as their screensavers.)

None taken, I need to work on a lot of stuff it my first time and I never expected anyone to think they are slightly good, what I need is a good port of a ME map like the citidel a lense flare effect a better explosion (tried the one above didn’t work) and need to practice my camera angles. That’s my list of must do’s.