Mass Effect Sniper SWEP


I was just hoping that someone on Facepunch would be willing to create a ME sniper SWEP.
I really don’t have much experience with SWEPs, and I have no idea how they work.
All I want is a ME sniper SWEP which has a 10 round clip, preferably, and makes the same firing noise as the HL2 AR2. However, if there is a more suitable sound for it, I would not mind if you used that one instead. I’d also just like a normal scope, nothing too fancy or futuristic.

This is the model I want for it:

You can download the models in this link:

No one?

What the fuck?

I imaging there are no v_models included, so now your simple swep request is now in need of a moddeller to create the v_model, and do the animations (Not to mention the fact the gun kind of transforms when you equip it on ME 1/2).

I don’t know how hard this is but I doubt it will be done. Also unless you include the modifications like the Cryo or Incinerate ammo this will end up like any other sniper

I want it like any other sniper. And I don’t expect anyone to mimic the fancy transformation effects.

But yes, there is no v model… I would have expected something like that to be fairly easy to model, working off of the original w model.

I don’t know how hard it is but fair enough if that is all you want. I would love to see the fancy stuff though :smiley: