Mass Effect - Spaceships

Geth Dropship (5 sizes)
Geth Cruiser (4 sizes)
Collector Ship (5 sizes)
Sovereign (reaper, 4 sizes, ragdolled)
Human Dreadnaught (5 sizes)
Human Figher (3 sizes)
Normandy SR2 (5 sizes)
Freighter (5 sizes)
Mass Relay (3 Sizes, three models with three different animations. STILL, IDLE ROTATION, FAST ROTATION (charging))
The Citadel (with bodygrouped arms, open/closed. 4 sizes.)
Turian Fighter (3 sizes)
Turian Frigate (5 sizes)


I’ve been trying to upload the things to for the last two hours, but it won’t work. If you want to try, you have my permission.

Dropbox (23MB, .7z,):



for some material work

The VMan

for the particles on the Mass Relay


for his help with hueg-ragdolls


Mass relay in action

And no, you can’t have the Citadel in real size ._.

This is awesome.

Especially the fighters and the Mass Relay.

Now, to find an LUA coder to script us a space game mode with these!

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Prop resizer AHAHAH


uh yeah okay

I know how big it is, and with prop resizer you can make any prop that big, it will just protrude out of the level!
But with my 1/10 or 1/50th scale idea, we could have it “full sized”

Thank you for the new wallpaper

Neh, you wouldn’t really need to have the full sized version. Have it as a background thing that you can never reach… like the planets in Star Wars Galaxies. That would be fun :slight_smile: Surely somebody will make the Presidium, not holding my breath though. They could always use the smaller Mass Relay in the download for that little statue thingy.

Oh shit son.

Man these ships are so awesome, I can’t wait to start seeing some proper ME style space battles. Excellent work!

Moar ME stuff :smiley: excellent job indeed ^^

You’re welcome for helping you with huge ragdolls. Why you no credit. :saddowns:


Odd… the particle effects for the relay appear non-existent?

Aw fuck

Fix be up

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Twas just one thing, regardless, added to credits :3:

Glad to see the newer stuff released and even some new sizes.

You should probably know that for whatever reason the fix doesn’t work

I lied, kind of. The particle effects only work if you drop it in your root gmod folder.

yeah, I accidentally renamed the particles folder to “particle” <.<

the fix is up again

No it just doesn’t work in addons, it has to be in the root

The folder was already called particles

Needs more Gayrrus

The materials/particles is what I was talking about

But no seriously, it’s getting my download