Mass Effect SWEPS

This has probably been asked before, but has there been any releases of useable Mass Effect weapons before?

If so, please post the link here, and if not, is there anyone who could make some?




Aaaand bump again.

Come on guys, I know you can help with this.


There have been no releases.

Dont expect much…

The only people i know who can Animate in source are myself, JCGX and… Well thats all the people i know, And i think Daimao can animate in source.

Other than that, I could do it, well either 3 of us could do it. But we would need the arms and the models.

So…all you need is the v_models themselves and you could do it?

Thanks for replying btw.

I’ve done it zoey, don’t pretend it needs to be entierly viewmodel based :3:

Well if you’ve done it Axiom, could you give me the weapons? It’d be really appreciated, and you’ll be fully credited in my Project’s credits.

Yeah yeah, but placing a w_model in your FACE doesnt look so good now does it.

Well, I’ll try and get you some v_models then.

Do you have any way of getting good particles?