Mass effect weapon viewmodels

Are there any mass effect or mass effect 2 viewmodels ported into gmod

id like to use them instead of regular weps

Mass effect uses the same models for world and view models. (hell it doesn’t have a first person view)

i meant if somebody ported it to gmod T_T

The weapons are ported already.

as viewmodels and worldmodels?

There’s no first person view in Mass Effect, therefore there’s no view models.

im asking did anybody use the models from mass effect and added hands and made the usable in gmod as viewmodels and wordmodels, im not asking how mass effect works, i know it has no seperate models beocuse its tps im asking did anybody use those models. and made them view and world

I know there’s an M3 predator (tier one pistol) that someone set up and animated for first person, but beyond that no not at all.

kk il search