Mass Effect Weaponry

I can get the models but the textures are buggered up (as i’ve said before in the Mass Effect request thread).

do you want this as a prop or view model?

Props, SWEPs would be pretty nice, but just props for now

I’m considering making the M7 thingy. But i don’t really have much free time on the weekends. So come Monday ill probably start making this if nobody else has.

Bump with more content, I’m wondering if anyone has the will to tackle this on

I do not see a single weapon there.

I’d say its his Mean gaze that could be a weapon

As i’ve said before if you can texture the bloody things I can get the models:

If I had any idea how you separate out the channels of the textures into their component parts I would, but the only person who I know who knows how to do it is Mario and I can get hold of him :S

I’m sure S-Low knows what to do… Not even sure if he goes here…he made the husks, and Shepard

He might do but he ain’t gonna tell anyone ¬.¬

Just started the assault rifle.

Now I’m hoping someone would have the will to some how port the rest of these lovely models…

Arg why do I bother ¬.¬

@Mr.123: Cool ^^

Wow i just realized how much of a shit reference I have.

Not sure how Hexers, and that sort of witchcraft is done, hope those two might be slightly useful.

The bottom picture helps a lot actually. The top one I already have.
Thanks. The basics are almost done on the model.

-_- Now the only Issue I face now is obtaining a face-poseable Shepard…the one model S-low has is harshly dispositioned

here is my progress.

Looks erotic so far