Mass Effect: "Why Don't We Ever Go Anywhere Nice?"

“Laugh it up, Garrus.”

Just testing out my skills in Gmod/Photoshop.

If you can’t make sense of what’s going on, it’s just Shepard, Garrus, and Tali on top of the Mako, fighting off a bunch of antlions, and the Normandy in the distance, getting ready to bust the team out of yet another bad situation. Shepard’s grabbed one by the head and kicking another one in the face; Garrus is playing badass with a pistol and a (hard to see) shotgun; and Tali’s just plain screwed over from both sides.

It is a good pose and picture. Unfortunately the quality is rather low or your anti-aliasing is messed up.

Your AA needs to be kicked up a little bit. And is that Simple DOF?

Turning on the AA sets my fps to 1-7 and ends up crashing the game. Blame my graphics card.

And the ‘DOF’ is actually Photoshop’s blur tool; I simply spent a little extra time filling in the gaps.

I wasn’t really trying so much with this pic; just looking for tips on improvement.

You might want to get a better card first-off.

Tali will crush their heads with her giant thighs.

Well, I’m getting a new graphics card next week. I made this now because I didn’t want to forget about it later.

So, what about the posing? I always had trouble with the posing in GMod.

lacks AA, the posing is pretty decent
but camera angle could use work