Mass Effect

I would love to see some Mass Effect ships and characters in the Gmod world. Such as Liara, Garrus, Wrex, Ashley, Kaiden, Tali, Saren, some geth and of course an Elcor. Some good ships to do would be the Normandy, Mako, Sovereign, and maybe the citadel.

I searched around and don’t know if anyone has agreed to making them. Being a big fan of it i’m suprised to not see any models out there.

I have no skill in creating any sort of model, so don’t ask me for help. But I have herd others say that some of the models can be riped from the game.

Here are some images for modelers to see if they want to try.












Thanks in advance to who ever attempts to do these.

This game is like a Baskin Robin’s, 36 flavours of TITTY.

Anyone who gets the game reference I just made is awesome.

and don’t forget commander shepard

But he/she looks totally different in everyone’s game :raise: Unless they didn’t customize him/her in which case he/she is a moron.

GETH WE NEED GETH! I have stated this before they would be epic to the max.

I know someone could do atleast one charater or ship to get this started.

This is epic project. It must be undertaken.

well just get the original before customizing it

For once, I agree with this guy.

I love Mass Effect. Somone do it, and make Sweps.

Hi, welcome to Galactic Fried Chicken, how may I take your order?

I was messing around with wire mod, and started playing with the Hover Drive. It reminded me of something, but I couldn’t think of what. Then checking this thread again it dawned on me.

It is the exact same thing as a Mass Relay, so another thing to put on the to do list is this. A small(or big) model of a mass relay that dose the exact same thing as the Hover Drive. Just with different animations and sounds.

Hover Drive:

Mass Relay:

(I take no credit for vids)

I would like to hear feedback on this idea or if it can even be done.

I have tried ripping models from this game already, everyone i asked also had problem, i hope someone does figure out how to get the models, would love to seem them in gmod

About 50-75% of the textures that are captured are either useless or wrong (oxymoron maybe?). The Armor textures, however, are not. Facial textures are another story, most are either too light or a different color, Asari textures are orange for one. Weapon Textures are discolored in areas and not every weapon gets a texture that is correct. Although, I have not found any actual errors with geometry, the only problem is textures.

The Fem Shep I used during that play through.

Kaidan Alenko.

I have other scenes but none of them are actually worth presenting at the moment. In the render of Kaidan, you can see that the weapons on his back are discolored, one of the issues I mentioned earlier.

I wish I had more to show, because I used these same shots in a post about a month ago.

Well if the only problem is texture, is there anyway to manualy fix them? Or create a new one and use that instead? Or is whatever texture you use messed up? But the fact that you can even get a perfect model of those is a big step in my opinion. (please note I have no modeling experience, so if I sound stupid, please correct me)

PS. Have you tried ripping larger models, like the Normandy or Mako?

No, unfortunately, I didn’t think to rip it at the time, I was more interested in characters. Next time I play it, I’ll be sure to try to grab it. There is no promise that Direct X or Unreal 3 decides to render the Normandy in full behind whatever it is that it’s rendering in front, or even if the back side has polygons.

Sorry. but one more thing, did you try Geth? No weapons on their back and their texture dose not seem too hard. I’d imagine that it would be just like the armor. The only thing I think that might mess up would be the model itself, it looks intrecate.

I actually didn’t get to fight geth while I was ripping, I haven’t touched the game since Age of Conan came out, haha.

Lol, well next chance you get. Try using a diffetent texture for the characters, and see if that works. Second, see if the Mako and/or Geth can be ripped without problems. Hope this works, I would love to see Alyx and Liara going at it (not sexualy . . . well that might be interesting).

That Relay is AWESOME.