Mass Effect's Jack/Grunt (Alternate)


S-loW got these models for CS:S a while ago, and they haven’t been uploaded yet.
Due to his/her hatred of Facepunch, I figured I’d upload it for you guys instead.


All models are just as they appear in-game.

All models are finger poseable

No Models are Face poseable

Some models have animations. (I.E. Jack’s earpeice blinks)

Grunt’s model includes helmet and non-helmet versions


The models included in this pack are:

Jack/Subject Zero

Grunt (alternate outfit)



To make this work, you need to Download “7 Zip” located here

extract files using 7 Zip from the “Game server/cstrike” folder directly into your “garrysmod/garrysmod” folder.

Find them in-game under “All/player/slow/me2”

Shitposes are shitty, I know.
I only had time to do 1 good one, the others were clearly rushed.

Assuming this goes well, I’ll release a second pack with The Illusive Man, Mordin Solus, and a Collecter Drone.
If I don’t get too many “HURR DURR I DIDN’T REED BUT YOU DIDN’T MAEK DIS” then you can look forward to it either later today, or possibly monday.

*All credit goes to S-loW and co. I take credit for none of this.

Enjoy posing.



I never noticed that jack has a solid gold ear…

Then you don’t know…



but yeah, her earpeice is huge.


How does that work?

Fucking earpeices.

How do they work?

I have no idea. Like I said, these are S-LoW’s.


Curious if you could link in the page on S-Low’s site… I can’t seem to find it when I look.

No problem.



Thank you for Jack.

I liked her way more than cough Miranda.

“Why don’t you go chat with your friend Jack?”

Somehow she’s just a lot interesting character than most other female characters in the game. Just like Thane is a lot more interesting character than 50-cent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure would be nice if S-loW would actually port Thane Krios soon too.

Was hoping I could get the original model.

THANK YOU, you are a God!!! More please :slight_smile:


Still working on it, but it appears as though the original and the orange one aren’t hexed.

They are separate models with different names so you’ll be ok using them all together, but when I release the players you wont have to, as i’ve put all the grunt models into one handly model ^^.

Naw they aren’t.
head n’ alt.
2 models per’
one with helmet, one without, 2 skins each.
Can only get the orange one working. It’s not a big deal to me, I can just use the orange one, it’d just be nice to be able to use the blue one too.

I wish someone would port these guys.

Would make more sense to port these models with helmets n’ shit because they don’t have a faceposing and they don’t look out of place without something that doesn’t exist.

Even though I never played ME1 or 2, that helmet is just badass.

I have the originals also and I can tell you they are all named differently and should work together, however if they do not get my playermodel one and it should work fine as that was one of the things I fixed ^^