Mass Effect's Jack

Would anyone be willing to make Jack/Subject Zero from Mass Effect?

I’ve been looking at several other people’s posts, but nobody was asking for Jack.
Considering her popularity before the game’s launch, I was suprised so few people actually requested her.
To be honest, she’s the only Model from the game I’d want.



Is anyone else interested at all?

Bump, This NEEDS to be done.

Dude it was posted 7 hours ago, don’t bump it. Plus Jack was a bitch.

Why is she named Jack.

Because she is a dumbfuck.

Because she is bad ass.

Miranda was a bitch, Jack was a carnival of badassery.

Thread is CLOSED, Jack’s downloadable now.

What? Where?


So it works with GMod? No 3DSmax stuff?


Fucking golfclap man, it’s for 3DSMax.

Yeah, but it just needs to be ported.
It’s FAR better than nothing.

I’m thinking of doing it myself, once I can spare the time.
It’s just so…time consuming.

Still worth it, I think.