Mass Pose: Awkward

Made this, kept up with ideas that came into existence while I was making the thing, therefore there is a 'nam Nick and another 'nam soldier.

Anyways, tell me what you think.
Tali’s magnetic ass pulled Dunn’s hand and forearm in.
Now they are pulling it out.

Mega orgy


this isnt even worth a thread

This isn’t even worth a thread.

You aren’t worth a thread.

Good one, now don’t start a flamewar, this really wasn’t worth a thread.

Yeah… You’re right, I should’ve put it on the “don’t want to make a thread” thread.

I see nothing wrong with making a thread for it.


The posing is good, though most of the face poses are a bit exaggerated. Maybe it isn’t the best, but it isn’t super-realistic bloom-overload military action, which is a good thing in my opinion.

Is Vietnam Nick getting buttfucked or something? his reaction on his face suggests it.

Well the faceposes are meant to be overdone.

He might be.
Never know what turians might do.

Atleast it got some effort.

I like how the ODST is doing a thumbs up XD